Friday, August 22, 2008

Realizing what I have

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Around lunch time Stefan phoned me from school informing he was going to urgent care to be sure he didn't break his ankle. Of course, this happened while he was playing soccer with the kids at school. He is a middle school teacher. Then came the punchline, "could you please pick up Vinny from school?"

Call me nurse or call me mommy or just stop calling me, please.

Everybody has eaten some kind of cereal for dinner. Actually that was dessert. Mac and cheese super deluxe restaurant style was for dinner. Stefan had a serving of glass with his bowl of mac-n-cheese. (Mental note:It is probably a good idea to make sure the bowl you are serving your injured husband isn't chipping. Sorry.)

Nine and a half hours after the phone call, by some miracle of the bedtime angels, everyone is in bed. Although probably only my husband is asleep. The house literally looks like a bomb went off. And if I had 10 washers and 10 dryers I might be able to get caught up on laundry. But I don't know who would put it all away? And even if Stefan could walk around and it put all the clean laundry away, somehow, someway 3T clothes would end up in my closet, size 8 would end up in Noah's closet (he's three), and Vinny wouldn't get any clothes except clean underwear.

As for me I seem to have some kind of mental block for putting away laundry.

But on the bright side the waves are probably going to be fun tomorrow. And I can dawn patrol. (translation: sneak out of the house at 6 am to go surf and be back by 9 when everyone is hopefully waking up or not) And if they wake before I return they can eat cereal, again. Good thing I remembered to buy cereal today. ;-)


Anonymous said...

i am peeing my pants!
you are funny.
i am subscribing to your blog!
go wendy!

Briar's Person said...

As far as laundry, do what my mom did to us... sniff, refold, and put it back in the drawer, she believes most of that stuff isnt dirty anyway.

Stefan said...

After almost breaking my ankle in the soccer game, someone gracefully pushed me in a wheel chair to my car. It was my first time in a wheel chair, and the experience was enlightening. I didn't realize how difficult access for disabled was. If you haven't been in a wheel chair before, try it.

On the way to urgent care, I heard that Leroy Sievers died. Sievers honestly wrote about his battle with cancer on his blog "My Cancer." He touched millions with his candor. If you haven't checked out his blog on cancer, you should try that out too.

When I got to the urgent care office, I had to hop on one leg for 50 yards or so. A lady with a cane came out of the office, and said, "I think you need this more than I do." All I could say was, "Thanks, I'm good."

And I am. My ankle is only sprained. I guess I'm "Realizing what I have." Thanks, Wendy! I love you.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL!! You rock my world, sister! Thanks for the many smiles.

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