Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunrise, Moonset

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunset For My Tweeps

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Carbs Get Behind Me

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"You know you want me," whispered the soft, fresh loaf of sourdough bread.

When the bread starts talking dirty to me, I step up my salad, and scream "get behind me, Carbs!"

It's like they say, "out of sight out of mind." But it's hard to practice when I'm making delicious sandwiches for the family morning, noon and night.

Okay, not sandwiches at night. But there is always some sort of carb, whether it be bread, tortilla, pasta or rice, flaunting it's hot body around here.

It's like watching pube free porn and never having sex..................

Friday, January 29, 2010

Someone To Watch Over Me

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Gio is a gymnast in his sleep. So when he falls asleep in our bed, I usually barricade him in with pillows, to keep him in place. Not this night, though. Nay Nay the Cat, weighed him down, and I knew he wasn't going anywhere.

I, myself, being at least three times heavier than Gio, frequently call out, "Honey, I can't get out of bed unless you get Nay Nay off of me! And make coffee, please."

Well, I hope I say please........

I'm always amazed how someone so small, Nay Nay is all of 10 lbs, can be so heavy.....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ease on down the road

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"Ease on down the road, don't you carry nothing that might be a load."

Wow, gonna have to make this song my mantra today. No thinking, just breathing and singing, "ease on down, ease down the r-oh-oad.

And who knows, if it works out,I may do this, everyday. Life would be a Wiz, if I did.


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I'm sure it must be hard for a man to be married to a woman who is right 90% of the time. Though I have no hard evidence to back up this number, I can comfortably say I'm right so often, it seems as if I'm right, 100% of the time. But nobody is right 100% percent of the time, hence the downgrade to 90%.

I used to think I was right all the time because I was just plain brilliant. Then I realized there's no way anyone could be that brilliant, so I must be some sort of psychic wonder.

But even the best psychics are only 80% accurate. I knew there had to be another explanation. I've come to the conclusion, I know of a lot of things because I ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS.

I'm a brain picker. I love to know what people know, and let's face it, everyone is an expert in at least one or more topics.

And don't go thinking I'm one of those people who likes being right for the sake of someone else being wrong. I like being right because it makes my life easier. And I'm all for being wrong, if it means my life will be easier.

I'm lazy like that. No extra work please. In fact, I'm fine avoiding work all together, if anyone knows how, please leave your answer in the comment section.

And now we arrive at my point, Internet. Years ago, I told Hubby, "Whatever you do, DO NOT put potato peels down the garbage disposal. It will back up the plumbing, even if you have a bionic garbage disposal."

They probably make bionic garbage disposals, right? But they're really expensive, and only the wealthiest of people can afford them.

What he heard: She's not a plumber, so what does she know about plumbing? Nothing. My Mom and Sister put worse stuff down their garbage disposal all the time. I've never seen a backed up sink at their homes.

He may be right, I'm no plumber, but this expert advice was given to me BY A PLUMBER.

Jump to present time.

"The laundry sink is plugged again," I say.

"It could be anything a marble, a wad of paper, who knows," claims Hubby.

"Yeah, but I'm really good at checking pockets for stuff," I answer, but his comment was shrinking my already shriveled laundry self esteem.

Later that morning:

My Mom gets into the plumbing equation with, " you need to pour boiling water and oxyclean down the drain."

"I can't, the sink's full of water," I say glumly.

"You need to bail!" exclaims Mom.

Bailing sounds fun, until one actually does it. Then she recommended a turkey baster for the portion of water deemed unbailable. Another fun sounding remedy, until put into practice.

Anyways, I did what Mom said because the handyman was on vacay in a foreign country.

Internet, you are not going to believe what came out of the laundry drain. POTATO PEELS!!!!!! For a second I visualized one of the three boys, stuffing potato peels into their pant's pockets, then myself, washing said pants.

Suddenly, however, it hit me like a gallon of sewer water, the blockage was coming from the kitchen sink.

I tested my theory by turning on the garbage disposal and running the faucet. Sure enough the laundry sink backed up when I did this.

Do you know what that means, Internet? Me neither. But I do know Hubby is NEVER going to put potato peels down the sink, again.

Mom, the Plumber, however, knew what it meant.

"You need to clear the trap," she told Hubby.

He cleared the trap, but couldn't tell me what came out, "because it was too dark to see."

Thanks to Mom, the Plumber and Hubby, I can now wash again. And everyone knows how much I love washing. In fact, I will never say another bad word about it again. My words probably created the Plumbing Fiasco Karma, in the first place.

I'm also thinking they should change the name of DraNo to DraNow.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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Photo by Jennifer Mench

This was Gio's last get together with his buddy C, before C moved to the other side of the country.

Now all I hear is, "I'm never going to see C, again," AND "Let's move to where C lives now."

Sadly, I knew C wasn't going to be around long, when we made friends with him and his sweet family. And I'll admit for a split second my Abandonement issues spoke out against forming a bond with these gypsies, but I calmed the voice.

"Don't worry lots of people have left us before and we've been okay," I say soothingly.

I continued on with, "besides, we never no know how long we have with anyone, even if they never plan on moving, our paths may only intersect for a short time, or for intermittent periods through out our lives."

And then I sealed the deal with that nagging voice in my head, "but a friend, no matter whether they are near or far physically, is someone who is always close to our hearts."

And it hurts to hear my son long for the company of his friend, so I had to come up with a solution, one we need to at least try: Skype, video conferencing via the Internet.

Are you in Jenn?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bang On The Drum

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I'd like to dedicate this song to all my workin' on Monday friends.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Foot Massage

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There's nothin' like a foot rub to make a human being feel better when he's feeling under the weather. But it probably doesn't do half the good, a heavy dose of SpongeBob Squarepants episodes, does.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Berkeley, California.

We had a fun day! First we picked up our new "used" tv.

Next, we saw our friend in a play.

Then we had a bite to eat at what looked like an Internet cafe, but wasn't. Good thing Hubby is a good coaxer.

"I need real food," I complain.

"Let's just go in and see what it's like," says Hubby.

And now we're heading home from Berkeley. Calling all traffic angels for a safe, clear journey home, please and thank you. 0:-)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunset for my Tweeps

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We barely made it down to the beach and back to the car, before the rain hit, again. Phew!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


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The boys and their cousin, whose full of adventure, loves to run with the wind and adores math.

Growing up as an only child, my cousins were the closest I ever came to having siblings.

Now, though I don't get to see them, as much as I would like, my heart fills with joy every time we get together. I especially love watching all the young cousins play, just like the good ole days when I was a child playing with my cousins.

There's nothing better than good times with family, not even great waves................

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here Comes The Rain, Again

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Wow, this acoustic version of, "Here Comes The Rain, Again," by the Eurythmics is hot. Annie rocks it. I would like to take a moment to say "thank you" to the Sun for making a few, brief appearances today.

Something is better than nothing, y'all. But I have a feeling, here comes the rain again..............

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Row Row Row Your Boat

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And today's theme song is.....................Watch the video to find out...........All I'm gonna say is teenagers rock. Well, I think they're teenagers, but either way they rock.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr.

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Thank goodness Martin Luther King, one of the great violet leaders of our time, was courageous enough to share his vision with the world.

I'm sure he is proud the good ole U.S. of A. elected an African American president. Yet, I believe he knows our journey of providing equal rights to all citizens of the United States is incomplete.

I have a dream one day all Americans will be granted the right to marry, and treated as the first class citizens, they are. And we shouldn't be satisfied until All citizens of this great nation are treated with respect and dignity.

Martin Luther King Jr:
And when this happens, when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:

Free at last! Free at last!

Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Forecast

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The wind went gale force 30 minutes after I paddled out for a surf this morning. It had already been raining before I got in the water.

But the wind and rain combined to make tiny, blinding eye darts, and left me wishing I'd worn my windshield wiper contact lenses.

"Is it going to rain all day?" I ask hopefully.

"No........" answers Stefan. "It's going to rain all week."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Team Jacob or Team Edward?

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"I know I'm supposed to be team Jacob cause of the whole canine thing, but I'm strangely attracted to Edward."

"Don't worry I won't tell anyone you're into vampires. But when you're ready I recommend being honest about your feelings with everyone. If they don't like it, tell 'em to suck it."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Return To The Sea

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The sea monster returned to his watery home, upon completing his mission. I couldn't help but notice his brilliant yellow aura, before he disappeared.

His mission on Planet Earth: lightening up the atmosphere by spreading joy and laughter.

Mission complete.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunset for my Tweeps

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Fellow Photog.

Yes, dogs smile!

Best playground in the world!

The Wharf

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Wednesday the surf was forecasted to be BIG!

The plan: Surf the Wharf.

The Wharf is only surfable when the buoys are 20 feet or more. Sadly, Wednesday morning, the buoys were hovering at 13 feet, with onshore wind, resulting in choppy seas. In surfing, this is bad.

The wharf, however, was clean, but small. Being the surf snob I am I almost didn't go out. Especially after the adrenaline producing, back bending (not the good kind) surf, of the day before.

Thankfully, my surfing bff was there, and she inspired me to paddle out. She has a great attitude, no matter what mood the ocean is in, causing some surfers to wonder if she's on something.

And guess what, Internet? It was super fun! Even a bad day of surfing is better than no surf at all. Woot!

Besides, it was my first time surfing Da Wharf, and it's always fun and exciting to surf a new spot. But the best part of the session was the cool surfer dude, who lent his longboard to a beginning surfer girl, who was having zero luck catching waves on her shortboad.

Ok, so it was my idea, "Dude you should let her ride your board, she'd be stoked," I said, but he didn't have to go along with it. Not only did he lend her his surfboard, but he pushed her into about 6 or 7 waves. And she stood up on every single wave!

It was good times, Internet, watching a newbie ride waves. She was stoked on surfing. Her vibe was infectious and reminiscent of my first ride on the oceanic water roller coaster, twenty something years ago.

It's been said, "only a surfer knows the feeling," (of surfing) and I believe it's true. It's always a delight to watch a beginner experience that feeling for the first time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waves of Consequence

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I heard he pulled into some big barrels before this happened...........

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dirty Laundry

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For years, the laundry has been talking dirty to me. Being the tolerant person I am, I've overlooked the harassment, until today.

The filthy thing started singing, "And I'm Not Going," to me, specifically the following lyrics:

There's no way I can ever, ever go,
No, no, no, no way,
No, no, no, no way I'm livin' without you.
Oh, I'm not livin' without you,
I'm not livin' without you.
I don't wanna be free.
I'm stayin',
I'm stayin',
And you, and you,
You're gonna love me

Though, I may as well face the Tide, the laundry is probably right, I'm not goin' anywhere. But I don't have to love her. Or Cheer when I have to do her.

I can still yearn for my freedom, and be Bold . Yes, I'll Shout It Out knowing full well, it's a complete and endless Downy.

And if I didn't Surf so much, I'm sure my private Mount Washmore, would be much more attainable.

Oh and by the way, I love this song. It's totally Fab, but not when the laundry is singing it to me. The Glee cast version is All that and more, y'all.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunset for my Tweeps

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Of These Things

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"One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?"

"Seagull!" shout the boys and gulls.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hallelujah Jeff Buckley

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Amazing sunrise today! Posting the picture cause I have a feeling you slept in, it's Saturday, after all, y'all. Hallelujah!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunset for my Tweeps

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunset for my Tweeps

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"I have lunch duty detention on Friday," says Stefan.

"You have detention?!" exclaims Vinny.

"No, I'm in charge of detention," explains Stefan.

"I had detention before," says Vinny. "It was fun."


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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Nature Boy

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Kids are not known for sitting still, especially boys, right? For this reason, we have had a trampoline IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIVING ROOM for a year or more.

Sadly, a few months ago the trampoline broke. Aw, don't cry, it's fixed now, but we, I mean Vinny, was without it for about two weeks. Over that same period of time, Vinny began to develop an assortment of nervous ticks, of the fidgety variety. (I on the other hand, got constipated)

His fidgeting grew so extreme I began googling Turrets, while simultaneously ordering a laxative online, for myself. Yes. I. Did.

But after consulting a child expert, who prescribed, "more physical activity" we found relief. Relief from the trampoline coming home from the hospital (I'm literally relieved), And relief from exercising our son daily,on the trampoline and out in the wild.

He loves it. Look at his face, he looks so happy.

What more could a parent ask for? Is there anything better or quieter than a worn out child?

And there's nothing like bouncing on a trampoline to get, ehem, things moving.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Surf Check

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"Do all surfers spend more time waiting for the right tide, than riding waves?" wonders Briar Kitty. "The tide looks purrfect to me."

"Shhhhhhh, they're waiting for it to get better," I say. "They could wait hours, or all day even."

Works for me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunset for my Tweeps

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Are You Kidding Me?!

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Hello?! Um, isn't that what driving ranges are for?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Social Gaming

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Whoever says video games are anti-social may want to visit my house sometime. Just sayin'.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hard Day at the Office

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In case, anyone is wondering what I've been up to, today, I believe this picture says it all. 2010 is off to a great start!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

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My sources say 2010 Otter to be a great year.

My New Year's Resolution is to be unlimited, on time, and make the beds everyday. Ha!
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