Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby and Dog Bond

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This video was sent to me via email from a friend. Thanks friend!

It's short and sweet. Every time I watch it I feel warm and fuzzy, inside and out. Which is better than the fever I'm experiencing at the moment.

If you like feeling warm and fuzzy in less than a minute, love babies and/or dogs, then check out this video, please.

Friday, February 27, 2009

And the Oscar goes to MILK, Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black

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I totally missed the Oscars, because, as I tweeted:

wendysurf: We were planning on a little somethin' somethin' followed by the Oscars, but someone forgot to push the Tivo button. Fail.

Thank goodness for the Internet, where everything that matters and doesn't matter, is.

I thought these two speeches from the winners of "Milk" were the most touching and thought provoking, though I can't say I watched all the Oscars. The top video is the acceptance speech of Dustin Lance Black for best original screenplay for "Milk."

I thought Dustin Lance Black offered a genuine perspective on what it feels like to be a disenfranchised citizen of this great nation, which is still a work in progress, I hope.

Here's what Dustin Lance Black had to say during his acceptance speech:
The story of Harvey Milk gave me hope that one day I could live my life openly as who I am. Maybe I could even fall in love and one day get married.

I think he'd (Harvey Milk) would want me to say to all of the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told that they are less than by their churches, or by the government, or by their families, that you are beautiful........No matter what anyone tells you. God does love you and that very soon I promise you, you will have rights federally across this great nation of ours."

Of course, Sean Penn's "commie homo loving sons of guns," acceptance speech for Best Actor in a film (Milk) is worth watching, too.

Is it me or were many of Hollywood's elite on the verge of tears at the Oscars?

The California Supreme Court is going to hear oral arguments on Prop H8 on March 5Th. That's less than a week. Although, the court will not arrive at a decision for several months.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Legalize It" Gone Viral

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About a month ago I asked myself, "is it just me, or is legalize it about to go viral?"

It all started with a conversation a month before I posed my question. My friend and I were talking about mary jane, reefer madness, da kine, sensimillia, pot, herb......Get the point?

"They should just legalize pot," he tells me. "It would solve a lot of problems with the economy because the government could tax it."

"Um, did you come up with that on your own, or is that true?" I ask.

He didn't really have an answer. But after our conversation I began to notice legalize it type stories popping up every other day or so. And I wasn't even watching Weeds.

In fact, ending the marijuana prohibition was the most popular "idea" on President Obama's website, garnering over 92,000 votes. The next closest popular idea had approximately 70,000 votes. Hmmmmm?

Then I came across the videos I've embedded on today's blog. The momentum was building throughout the Internet, like an Alaskan swell brewing waves that eventually light up the California coast with buds, oops!, I mean barrels.

"Yes we cannabis!"

Yes, that was a joke, but it's also a blog, "Yes We Cannabis!" Crazy bloggers. Wait, that would include me, wouldn't it? Oh, well.

Then I saw a news video about how the marijuana industry is a multi billion dollar industry. And many billions of dollars are spent battling pot smokers every year. Couldn't those billions of dollars go towards drug education amongst other positive endeavors?

"Yes, it could!"

"Hmmmm?" I thought to myself, "maybe my friend is right."

Then, Michael Phelps, the Olympic gold medalist swimmer got caught with a bong in his hands. And he admits to smoking reefer. For the record, I thought the person who took the picture and posted it was a donkey, but now I realize that person was just a messenger of sorts.

The only people who thought Phelps' bong photo was a problem were the folks at Kellogg, and probably only because they were concerned for their own image and covering their butt. Fail!

Even the sheriff didn't care much saying he wouldn't be prosecuting any of the bongers due to lack of evidence.

And we thought Phelps was bringing home a box of gold medals. He was bringing it home all right. He could be one of the final nails in the coffin for the prohibition on marijuana, at least in California. Besides, it isn't as if pot makes anyone swim faster, it just makes them think they are swimming faster.

"Duuuuuude!" says Jeff Spicoli.

Tonight I came across a story that California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced The Marijuana Control, regulation and education act (AB 390). In other words, "legalize it," is only a matter of time, just like gay marriage.

But they better hurry up and legalize it before all the MILFs in Mendocino County end up in jail and their kids in foster homes.

And perhaps we should be on alert, in the event that conservative right wing churches start sending money from out of state, as well as their evangelical leaders, to stop the rising tide against maurijuana prohibition. Separation of church and state has left the building, hopefully it's a temporary absence.

"Those liberal, avocado eatin' Californians are crazy," yells someone in Minnesota.

"Yes, we are!" I cheer. "Thank goodness."

Trust me in 20 years, people won't care what anyone else is smokin' or who they are smoking it with. Change happens.

Now where did I put my hammer and nail?

famous pot smoking folks

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Earth is Breathing, Are You Breathing?

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I love this video, if for nothing else, than as a companion to breathe along with for one minute and twenty-eight seconds everyday. Yeah, and it goes well with my website's name, "Are You Breathing?"

How perfect is that? Answer: totally perfect!

Breathing, in my opinion, as well as, many yogis, is the secret and key to life.

"That's great!"

Yes, breathing is amazing. It isn't called inspiration(inhale) for nothin' y'all! And breathing is free. Breathing can be done anywhere and no one will think strange of it.

However, adding a loud mantra on the exhale portion of the breathing such as, "Ooohhmmmmm," can quickly enhance even a normal person's weirdness.

Besides, if we don't breathe we die, so it must be realllllllly important. Breathing is the best way to get in the moment, as well as, get in the body. And it's free.

When ever I find myself feeling stressed out with family members driving me crazy, or I'm stuck in traffic, or I'm out of the zone, or I'm trying to solve a problem, or I'm doing dishes, or I'm grocery shopping, I breathe. And breathing calms me down in a few minutes.

"OOOOOh, ahhhhhhh."

So the name of my website is a reminder for me to breathe and it may remind the Internet to breathe, as well. Yes, everyone, whose alive anyways, is obviously remembering to breathe, but they are probably just maintaining the bare minimum respiratory requirement to stay alive.

Think about how great it feels to go outside for a walk, a run, a bike ride, a paddle. Why is that? When the physical body is exerted the lungs pump in more oxygen. Therefore, one reason exercise makes people feel better is because we are breathing more.

When life gets really hard just start focusing on the breath, inhale for a count of four hold for a count of 2 and exhale for a count of four hold for count of two, inhale.............

Did I mention it is free? Oh, right I did. ;-) Happy Breathing!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birth Control Is A Good Thing

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I'm a fan of birth control and for the record both of my kids were planned. However, I didn't plan on some of the parental issues we have encountered.

Being an only child, the hardest issue for me, is when my kids aren't getting along. I've said it before, and I will say it again and again and again.......

Yes, that's when I pull out my speech of, "do you know how lonely it is to be an only child as an adult."

"And if you aren't nice to each other now, you're not going to be friends when you're adults," I say. "Who will help you change our diapers, when we can no longer reach the toilet in time?"

For now, anyways, I can change my own diaper.

I know that's not the complete truth. I have plenty of friends that didn't get along with their siblings growing up, and now they are best friends. Of course, then there are those siblings, that still in adult hood, would like to pull each other's hair out. Those are the ones I like to focus on.

I came across a fairly accurate, funny parenting video, while I was catching up with my friends at Facebook Nation. The video is short and features a kid having a tantrum in public. Oh, and there's also some mention of condoms. I thought I had turned the volume down enough, but apparently I didn't.

"What is that horrible sound?" asks Stefan. "I don't like it. Turn it off."

"That was my brother yelling," answers Gio. In another place and time he would have been right.

Trust me every parent wishes, at one time or another, their kid came with an on/off switch. Or, at least, the switch could be purchased as an add-on accessory.

But, unfortunately, kids do not come with on/off switches, nor can on/off switches be purchased as accessories, yet. Until that advancement in genetics arrives, if you don't have kids, you might want to wait.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Squirrels Harrass Tourists at Carmel Beach, California

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Carmel Beach isn't just for people and dogs. Say hello to Ms. Squirrel.


I learned yesterday, while at Carmel Beach, there is not only a dog catcher, but a squirrel catcher, too. And, I'm fairly certain they are one in the same person.

My dog and I got busted here months ago for being too far away from each other. Yes, apparently there is no leash law at Carmel Beach, but there is a Minimum Distance Requirement. Who knew?

"Not me," I assure the officer.

Besides, the only reason she wandered away from me is to find food because we don't feed her enough at home. Dog food is expensive.

"If people didn't leave food behind on the sand dune my dog wouldn't wander away from me," I explain to the officer, but she didn't care.

Excuse me, isn't that called littering?

The reason my dog wandered away from me is, probably, the same reason the squirrels are so tame around here. They love people with food. And every person is potentially a people with food to a squirrel.

Yesterday, I found myself, eavesdropping on the dog/squirrel catcher. I couldn't help myself. She was talking to an innocent tourist having a picnic on the beach when I overheard her, ask him the most ridiculous question ever.

"Are these squirrels harassing you and your family?" asks the police officer.

Those handcuffs are far too big for a squirrel.

I immediately had visions of trapping cages laced with poison. My husband's visions were far worse and involved a gun. His visions were so bad, in fact, the mere mention of them could leave the entire Internet with nightmares for weeks.

The man, not wanting to get the squirrels busted, or worse, answers, "No."

"Phew!" says the squirrel.

What I want to know is, who do the squirrels complain to when people, such as my son in the tree, harrass them?

Actually he was more disturbed by the squirrel, than the other way around.

"Mommy, make the squirrel move," says Vinny.

But even as I moved closer to the squirrel, the squirrel didn't budge. If it were up to my son, I suppose he would have had the poor squirrel arrested.

"I'm a nice squirrel, really," says the squirrel begging for a nut.

Yes, where do the Mama squirrels file a complaint about the people who give their babies food, creating an unnatural reliance on humans?

"I have never heard of such a place," says the squirrel. "Do you think one really exists?"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jennifer Nettles Inauguration Nation

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Happy Sunday! I do not know how I missed Ms. Jennifer Nettles Inauguration Concert. Okay so James Taylor and John Legend were also there, but no one is as animated or inspiring as Ms. Jennifer Nettles.

Yes, I am totally biased and so what? This performance isn't even twangy, is it Jenny? Maybe, my girl crush is making it impossible to hear the twang.

Besides, Ms Jennifer Nettles is having so much fun. Look at her, yes I know that would require actually watching the video. Sorry.

Watching this performance, gives me goose bumps. Even after listening to Marisa Tomei quote Ronald Reagan. Orator, smorator.

Oh, and one more thing maybe those bumper stickers could say "Yes We Are," instead of "Yes We Did." Just an idea, but I do believe we have bit of work cut out for us.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everyday is Dog Day at Carmel Beach California

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Let's be friends.

Any time I need to clear my body, mind and spirit I head to Carmel Beach. The thing about Carmel is, it's a social beach.

But not just for people. Carmel Beach is the only beach I know of, without a leash law. Think, free for all, doggy playdate, complete with ball chasing and butt sniffing.

"Yeah, I can just smell that you're A-okay!"

Tracking the scent.

"Hey, wait up for the big guy!"

"I'm gonna get you!"

Gollum the Dog.

Lone wolf.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ride of Death at Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey

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I got this photo from a sweet and kind member of the Facebook group, I Played at Dennis the Menace and Lived! Thank you Kim!

Unfortunately, I didn't get it in time for by blog titled, "I Played at Dennis the Menace and Lived!" Good thing I'm over perfection, otherwise, I would really hate myself right now.

I spent countless hours with my hair blowing in the wind on this fabulous merry go round in the sky, and somehow lived to tell. Must have been my super powers that saved me.

Actually, I only fell off of it once, which could mean one of two things: I don't like pain or I'm a fast learner.

Anyways, I wanted to post this picture for people who had never seen this ingenious injury contraption, as well as for those who have sweet memories and scar tissue from the Ride of Death.

Here's a few more pictures of the Ride of Death. Thanks Marcy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sculpture in the Eye of a Needle

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Today's video features micro miniaturist, Willard Wigan, who creates sculptures from a fragment of a grain of sand. Sculptures so small they fit on the head of a pin or within the eye of a needle. Sculptures so small, he says he inhaled one accidently.


Willard makes most of his tiny tools himself. Or he gets them from nature: his paintbrush is the single hair of a house fly.

"Ouch!" said the fly.

When asked by the reporter if he enjoys his work, he answers, "No, it's painstaking. It's misery."

The reward for Wigan comes when a sculpture is complete.

Funny, sometimes that's how I feel about editing my blog. Writing is easy, but oh the pain of editing.

Give the video a watch, it's less than three minutes long, and fascinating.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Experiment Gone Wrong

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I was sitting at the dinner table staring across at my son's shirt, analyzing what appeared to be two tears. Hmmmm. I looked closer. Those look like scissor cuts to me.

"Vinny why did you cut your shirt with scissors, today?" I ask. My interrogation questions get right to the point. I prefer the truth straight, no chaser, please.

"Well this cut," he says pointing to the one on the neck line, "was to let some sun in. This cut," he says pointing to the cut in the middle of shirt, "was to put something in."

"You mean like a pocket?" I ask starting to bubble.

"Yeah," he says.

"Well, did it work?" I ask curious.

"No," he says disappointed.

"Do you really want to buy your own clothes?" I ask. "Of course you don't. Did you know holes in clothing get bigger when you wash them."

"They do?" he asks in genuine surprise. "I'm sorry I won't do it again."

I'm sure if the shirt had a few stains on it, or was worn out, the scissor experiment wouldn't have been so irritating. But, it was a good shirt. It fit. There weren't even any tiny pinholes on the cotton cadaver.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PEDIGREE® Super Bowl Commercial 2009

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Hey y'all! I thought, just for the fun of it, I would post a video. A video that is so funny, my husband and my kids just made me replay it five times.

"Let's watch it again!" they all scream in my ear.

"But I have to write my blog," I protest. "I can't write my blog if we watch the video over and over and over..."

"Again!" they scream in unison.

"Okay, Okay," I give in.

So much for the blog.

In the background: hysterical side splitting laughter.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kelly Slater is Surfing the Wharf!

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Thanks to one of my friends I learned Kelly Slater did not make the cut at the 2009 AT&T Pro/Am. Meaning he wouldn't be golfing Sunday. So I thought, maybe he'd be surfing somewhere in town instead.

The wind looked crazy at my house Sunday morning. I figured it wasn't any good any where. We had to be at church at 10 AM and I didn't even bother bringing a camera.

But as we were driving by the beach, I discovered the ocean was clean and surfers were surfing.


I sent out a few text messages:

"what's up? any slater sightings?


"any signs of kelly slater?"

Unfortunately, no one responded back and we had to go into the church, we were already a few minutes late.

At about 10:30, as I was sitting in the church pew, I covertly checked my text messages. I had a new one!!!!!

It read, "He's surfing the wharf as we speak."

Now, I'm in church wishing I wasn't and I mouth to Stefan, "Kelly Slater is surfing the wharf."

He mouths back, "Go."

Thankfully, we had been late and were sitting in the last pew. I easily slipped out unnoticed. Unnoticed by all, except my kids.

"Where's Mommy going?" they ask in unison.

"She'll be back," assures Stefan.

Once outside the church, I immediately tried to connect to my friend via the seaweed wireless network. No answer, so I left a message.

"Is Kelly Slater really surfing the wharf, because the waves looked small when I was driving by the beach?" I ask. "What's he riding, a longboard?"

Even I wasn't excited about watching Kelly Slater ride a longboard.

"Oh well," I thought to myself, "maybe he's riding a twin fin or some other alternative surfboard. Anything would be better than a longboard."

I sent my friend another text message, "really?" and started driving to the wharf.

When I was only a few blocks from the wharf, I finally got a hold of my friend.

"Kelly Slater is not surfing the wharf." she tells me. "I was just kidding. Why would Kelly Slater surf the wharf?"

Right, why would Kelly Slater surf the wharf? The wharf is a beginners surf spot that only breaks when the buoys are 25 feet. The buoys were not 25 feet. Even when the buoys are 25 feet, the waves are still barely shoulder high.

Plus, the water there is always disgustingly dirty in a, "uh oh something just crawled up my sinus cavity and took up permanent residence next door to my brain," kind of way.

I had two goals for the AT&T Pro this year. One was to interview Kelly Slater for the blog. Mission Accomplished!

The other was to see Kelly Slater free surf. FAIL!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Exclusive Kelly Slater Interview at the 2009 Pebble Beach AT&T Golf Celebrity Pro Am

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I was telling one of my friends I interviewed Kelly Slater for the blog on the golf course at the AT&T Pro Am.

"Did you talk to him?" he asks.

"Yes, I interviewed him for the blog," I answer. I'm used to repeating myself. Remember, I have two kids.

"What?!" he says. "Really, no way! What was he like?"

"What was he like?" was the most common question asked of my interview with Kelly Slater, but not the strangest.

"What was he like already!" yells someone impatiently.

Let me see. He was gracious, and easy to talk to. He has a good sense of humor. He thinks before he speaks.

He radiates calm and peace, like someone who meditates regularly. Being around him, actually calmed me down. Yes, I was slightly nervous when I asked him, "Can I interview you for my blog when you're finished golfing."

"You can ask me some questions right now," answers Slater. "To be honest, if we wait til after, I might fall asleep."

Did I already mention, he's funny?

He had been up since 4:30 AM, driving from Santa Barbara arriving in Pebble Beach, and jumping on the green at 9:40 AM. No wonder I couldn't find him on Monday.

Wondering where he gets his deep sea of calm I ask, "Do you meditate?"

"No, not really," answers Slater. "I used to when I was younger."

He's calm as a yogi, Perhaps, that is what makes him one of the greatest competitors of all time. It's much easier to stay focused on winning by staying calm. Frazzled nerves often cause people to fall apart under pressure, and that doesn't seem to happen to him very often. Yes, calmness, and the fact that he seems to have supernatural powers when it comes to the ocean.

He's personable and warm. He answered all my questions, and I felt like I had a lot, but if he thought so, he didn't show it. He was focused on answering all of my questions even though he was golfing, and I wasn't from Time or People Magazine, or the local paper, even.

Also, for a nine time world champion of surfing, remember the next closest surfing champ only has four titles, which is a lot compared to my none, he is very humble. H-U-M-B-L-E.

He's a down to earth, genuine, caring person.

"If you could give a person only one piece of advice, what would that be?" I ask Slater.

"Don't listen to me," Slater answers. But I have a feeling he is a great counselor to his friends and family.

Even Andy Irons, Kelly Slater's greatest and most exciting competitive rival, was quoted in Surfer Magazine recently saying, "He’s (Kelly Slater) really given me some great advice."

Coming from Andy Irons, the guy who wanted to destroy Kelly Slater, that's a complete turn around and speaks miles of both of them. It ain't easy mixing friendship with competition, especially at that level, with the media hyping up the battle.

Not only is Kelly Slater helping his peers, but he's helping planet Earth, as well. Visit to see exactly how he's making life on Earth better for kids, as well as organizing an acoustic concert with Pearl Jam's front man Eddie Vedder, raising $300,000. Much of the $300,000 went to stop the toll road from being built at our beloved Trestles in San Clemente, California. Thank You! was created "to inform people what we've (Kelly Slater Foundation) given money to," says Slater. "In the future," he says, "the site will be updated more frequently."

People can contribute directly to the Kelly Slater foundation or indirectly by buying his new book, For The Love, all proceeds from his second book are going to charity. Wow, that's impressive, isn't it?

Besides, his supernatural freakish surfing ability, I have always admired Kelly Slater's candidness regarding his feelings related to challenges he has faced in life. Issues many of us have faced including, his parents' rocky relationship and his father's death.

"We've all got our own issues to deal with," says Slater. "People have told me they resonated with things (I've written) in both books and hearing that makes it all worth it."

I asked everyone I knew, practically, if they had any questions for Kelly Slater. My son Vinny, of course, wanted to know what Kelly Slater's favorite snack is. Kelly Slater might have thought this was an odd question, but only because he doesn't know Vinny's astrological sun sign is ruled by the planet, Food.

"Red hot chips and avocados," says Slater after pondering the snack question for a moment.

I love listening to music and I'm always looking for new artists to listen to so I asked him, "What's playing in your Ipod?"

"Brett Dennen, I have seen him play a few times," says Slater. "I've been a fan from early on."

Here's a little video of Brett Dennen. I like him. Smooth, rhythmic and mellow. Plus, I'm hoping if I listen to the same music as Kelly Slater, I'll surf like him.

Heroes are the people, in my opinion, who inspire us. Kelly Slater has always inspired me to go out and surf harder and faster, especially after watching one of his videos. I wanted to know who his heroes are.

"Most of them (heroes) are my good friends," says Slater. He goes on to talk about his friend Peff, "He's a great guy to be around. I surf and golf with him."


It's easy to look up to and admire athletes and movies stars we don't know, but in reality the people we are in close relationship with, often times are the people who inspire us. The people who love and accept us for who we really are, are the real heroes in our lives.

Many people have a motto they live by. Curious, I asked Kelly Slater if he lives by any motto.

Slater says he's had several mottos over the years, but his current motto is, "if you're not enjoying it, you're doing it for the wrong reasons."

Maybe, we can assume Kelly Slater will be competing and winning titles as long as he's having fun. Sounds like someone with a big yellow aura, as well as sound words to live by.

No one wants to see Kelly Slater leave competition now. Not the fans and not the ASP. I don't even bother watching heats without Kelly Slater. It isn't that I don't try, but he is so much more exciting to watch, than the other surfers. Watching him come from behind to win heats with minutes to go,well, it doesn't get better than that.

Compared to Kelly Slater, I know very little about surfing and much less about golf. So I asked him if there are any similarities between surfing and golfing.

"Not many," says Slater. "I guess (in both surfing and golf ) there's a certain way to create a coil (in the body) to create kinetic energy."

His answer lead me to comment, "You really seem to compress and extend through your turns more than anyone else."

"That's how you get the most energy out of the wave," says Slater.

So that's how he does it! My new mantra, "Coil, coil, coil......."

One of the things Kelly Slater has talked about in interviews over the years is writing a How To Surf Like Kelly Slater book. A book of tricks so to speak. I've been waiting for this book for a long time, so I had to ask him when he was going to start writing it.

"I started writing it.........." says Slater.

I was overcome with joy and excitement. I nearly started jumping up and down, until he finished his sentence, "...........12 years ago."

I offered to help him with the book because I'm an impatient person, "I'm a very fast typer." Besides, I'm forty, what's the point if the book comes out when I'm sixty and riding a longboard?

Slater assures me he can type and the "problem is finding the time to write. It's a long term goal. Sometimes I write a paragraph, sometimes I go months without writing anything."

Two years ago when I saw Kelly Slater at the AT&T, he had recently appeared in a surfing magazine doing an air on a quad, four fin surfboard. The most popular fin set up in surfing two years ago and today, is the tri fin, aka the thruster. I had, also, taken to riding a quad most of the time, hence my interest.

Quads are so fast, I wondered why no one else was riding them. Maybe the problem is the quad needs a sexy nickname. The three fin has "thruster," right?

Needless to say, after seeing the photograph of Kelly Slater busting an air on his quad, I thought the time for the quad had arrived. Yes, I envisioned a sea of quads.

When I asked him about the quad at the AT&T two years ago, he said he might be riding it in competition. I'm sure I saw him ride the quad in, at least, one heat on the live webcast of a contest. But that was it. Of course, I didn't see every single Kelly Slater heat, but I needed an answer for all the quadlessness.

"What happened to the quad?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" he asks as if I should know. "That's all I've been riding."

Yes, that was good to know, "but what about riding them in contests?" I ask.

In order for people to take the quad seriously, professional surfers have got to start winning contests with four fins instead of three.

"I've been riding the thruster for so long I know exactly what it's going to do," Slater says. "The quad is definitely faster, but maybe not perfect (or predictable) in all conditions."

So basically he's still figuring out the quad, trying to get to a point where he always knows exactly what it's going to do, like he does with a thruster. I have to admit that would be great, and I hope when he figures it out he will share the information in his book of tricks, as well as, win his 13th world title at 40, on a quad. (Blatant hints or maybe psychic predictions?)

I knew it! The quad is faster and that's why I like it. Though compared to Kelly Slater, I know nothing about surfing. He's got everything so dialed in and fine tuned.

His surfing knowledge is genius, whereas I'm probably not going to ever get out of first grade. And that's okay because I totally LOVE surfing, therefore, I'm surfing for all the right reasons. I'm surfing for the Fun of it.

And I suppose I don't have to say how much fun I had interviewing Kelly Slater for this blog.

"Aye que fabulosa!"

It doesn't get much better for a surfer, to interview the greatest surfer in the world, past, present and future combined. Yes, he's that good. Many thanks to Kelly for taking the time to answer my questions.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Valentine's Day So Shake Your Second Chakra

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Happy Valentine's Day! I'm spending it writing the Kelly Slater interview, which I began working on yesterday.

"Just publish it," yells someone.

Well, see, it isn't that easy. Let me explain. I want to get it right. I want to take my time with it. Maybe I'm even a little nervous what everyone will think of it.

"I can't believe she didn't ask him if he's going to be sponsored by Nike?!"

As long as he surfs who cares who sponsors him.


"Why didn't she ask him about his hot affair with Cameron Diaz?"

There just friends, people. Yeah, I know, a guy and a girl being friends. That's so weird. It's probably some oddball surfer thing.

"Well what about Pamala Anderson, they really did have a thing?"

Yes, and that's so 90s. They are friends now.

"What about his daughter?"

Seems like he has the parental inclination to protect his kid. I totally get that, even though I write about mine incessantly in this blog.

"She's doing this cliff hanger thing just to torture me!"

No, honest, I'm not. It's coming and I'm working on it. Promise.

Wait, it's Valentine's Day.

Going to post a lusty Sugarland song because it's so lusty. Just listen to her voice. It's steaming with lust. And if that guitar solo doesn't get your groove on or vibrate in your second chakra( Hint: that's in your Pelvis, Elvis), then go watch some porno.

Yeah, I know V-Day is all about love and flowers, but what's the point if there's no chemistry. Back to the lab!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Church of Kelly Slater vs Church of Justin Timberlake at the 2009 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

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Justin on the mike.

God on the Green.

One of my friends wants to go see Justin Timberlake and Greg Kinnear, today, at the AT&T.

"I want to come with you tomorrow," she says. "I really do have a crush on Justin Timberlake and a HUGE crush on Greg Kinnear. I'm not kidding. I'm coming with you."

Three problems with going to the AT&T, again. One, if I keep going to the AT&T when will I ever write my blog interview with Kelly Slater? Solution people will have to wait, I suppose.

"Honey, when are you going to post the Kelly Slater interview?" asks Stefan daily since I did the interview.

Two, my friend will want to follow Justin and Greg, while I will be searching inside and out for GOD, aka Kelly Slater. Good thing I believe GOD is in all things. Solution: we will be attending different churches. She, Church of Timberlake/Kinnear. Me, Church of Slater. Yep, only one GOD for me.

Three I don't have tickets for today. Solution update my Facebook status to:
Wendy is wondering if anyone has passes to the AT&T Friday they don't need, please, many thanks.:-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

No, I'm Not In Love With Justin Timberlake Golfs at the 2009 ATT Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

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Hey y'all! I popped over to the 2009 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Celebrity shoot out yesterday. I wish I hadn't spent forty minutes talking on the phone in front of Peet's, because I would have gotten way better pictures if I had arrived earlier.

From the looks of these pictures, one might think I have some sort of crush on Justin Timberlake. Well, I don't. But my Mom does and she is probably going to be very disappointed when she sees these pictures.

I can hear her now. "Why didn't you get there earlier?" she'll ask. "I think you should go back tomorrow."

"Okay Mom, if you're babysitting, I'll go get better pictures of Justin," I'll say reluctantly.

This was the first time I had actually gone to see the celebrities, besides surfer extraordinaire Kelly Slater, aka GOD. In the surfing world, Kelly Slater isn't a mere celebrity, he's a GOD.

For the record, GOD did not attend the celebrity shoot out, which was quite a mob scene. Though, I did endure the crowd of people and actually thought the celebrities were funny, despite GOD's absence.

The stars were in their element, performing for the crowd. Some more than others. George Lopez and Ray Romano were definitely the standouts. How could I forget Justin Timberlake. Sorry Mom. He was surprisingly funny.

But, personally I think Timberlake has issues. Shhhh. Don't tell my Mom I said that. She'll never babysit, again.

I assure you Kevin James is not smoking anything, so don't go Kellog over this photo. At least, I didn't smell any thing.

See, he's only smokin' a tee not a jay.

Michael Bolton thinking, "I am going to knock
this ball outta the park."

Huey Lewis thinking, "Oh my gosh, Michael,
how many times do I have to tell you,
this isn't baseball."

He's taking Sexy Back. For the love of sexy, Justin
please, don't leave with sexy now! You just got here.

Ray Romano, Justine "Ta Da" Timberlake
and George "Purple Rain" Lopez.

Justin Timberlake working the crowd and Michael Bolton.

Romano, Timberlake and Lopez having a laugh.
"Ha, ha, ha."

Timberlake telling Huey Lewis about last
night's Rave. "I was the hottest thing there."

Huey: "Sure kid, sure you were."

"Yes, I'm cute and, no, he's not my Dad," random
thoughts going through Justin Timberlake's mind.

"You're grounded," says Lewis.
Somebody's got Daddy issues.

Timberlake thinks, "Ray is funnier than me,
but he is not hotter, is he?"

Bill Murray says, "Huh?" While everyone else wonders why he's wearing a kimono of sorts, "Huh?" Not that Bill cares what anyone thinks, because he doesn't. He's so over superficial peeps and all their Hollywood beauty games.

Kevin James, Huey Lewis, Ray Romano's Sexy Back, Kenny G.

"Pay attention boys, I'm tired of repeating myself."
Looks to me like this classroom of boys needs some girls.

Timberlake ("Yeah I'm Hot"), Greg Kinnear and Chris O'Donnell.
Robin always was my favorite. Batman was a little too
old for my tastes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finding Kelly Slater on the Pebble Beach Golf Course at the 2009 AT&T Pro Am

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Scene of the Crime.

When I woke up yesterday I was feeling uninspired. My Aunt had just arrived for her monthly visit, my throat was a bit scratchy and I thought, "I would love to stay in bed all day."

But there were swim lessons to go to, so I made a little breakie for Gio and I, took a shower, and off we went. It's amazing what a little fresh air can do for someone. Once I was out and about, I felt better, well even.

After swim lessons I phoned the pro shop at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

"Did Kelly Slater tee off from there today?" I ask my now standard question.

"No, I didn't see him, but let me double check for you," she says. "I stand corrected he teed off at 9:40."

"Yipppeeee!" I say to myself and, "thank you," to the kind lady at the pro shop for the double check.

My Mom offered to baby sit, again, thank you!, so I dropped Gio off and set sail for the golf course. Amazingly, I did not get lost going to the golf course or leaving it. The GPS angels were with me. Phew!

Words cannot express how comforting it is to know where I'm going. Now if only I can find who I'm looking for, Mr. Kelly Slater, pro surfer extraordinaire.

As I was walking the course, starting at the 18th hole going backwards, doubts of ever finding Kelly Slater, began to creep into my head. Especially after talking to a few spectators.

"No, I haven't seen him," says a guy I saw yesterday. "But everyone is at the fundraiser on hole 1 so he's probably there."

I just passed hole 1 and no one was there. Do I go back or stay the course? By my calculations, if he teed off at 9:40, he should be on hole 14 or 15.

I kept going, sticking to my original plan.

"Have you seen Kelly Slater?" my new mantra spoken to anyone and everyone I passed. I was desperate.

"Yeah, he's on hole six with Michael Bolton," says a young woman with a large camera.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

Nervously, she says, "I think so." "He's wearing the same thing he wore yesterday. White hat, white shirt."

Hmmm. Was he really here, yesterday, wearing white? Isn't Kelly Slater more Eddie Vedder than Michael Bolton? Not good enough. I continue walking the golf course backwards. If he's here, eventually I will run into him. That is, if I see him.

Every time I came across a new group of golfers, I asked their spectators, "Is Kelly Slater in this group?"

They all had the same answer, "No."

I was beginning to believe this was another bust. But I figured I would eventually run into Michael Bolton and snap off a few photos of him for the blog.

Then suddenly I spotted him. Yes, it really was him. Kelly Slater, Nine Time Surfing World Championship Tour Winner. And he was right in front of me.

In fact, I had walked right over his golf ball. Oh my gosh, did I step on and move his golf ball? Had I just committed some sort of golfing crime? Intention is 9/10s of the law, isn't it? Was I going to be banned from the AT&T forever, for moving a golf ball unknowingly?????????????????

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Searching for Kelly Slater at the ATT Pebble Beach Celebrity Pro Am

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A few days ago I sent a friend request to the official Kelly Slater My Space. I wasn't sure it was really him, but I sent a friend request, anyways.

Monday, as I was leaving for the golf course, the official Kelly Slater My Space
confirmed me as a friend. I went to his MySpace and he was online!

"Hmmmm?" I thought to myself. "If he's online he probably isn't on the golf course." Nah, it's probably not him," I reassuringly tell myself. How do you spell d-e-n-i-a-l?

Defying the writing on the wall, and the flashing online notification sign, I started on my quest to find Kelly Slater, at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am. My purpose: interview him for the blog. Yes, I will do almost anything for this blog. My dedication to this blog is at parental level. She is like a baby to me, except someone forgot to cut the cord, I think.

Let me look. Yes, we are still attached.

My search for Kelly Slater started and ended with me getting lost in Pebble Beach. This isn't hard to do since every tree looks the same to me. There was, also, some cursing. However, cursing in a forest doesn't count if there's no one there to witness it. I believe I learned that in philosophy class.

The AT&T was a bit of a ghost town on the first day of practice rounds.

I walked for hours on my quest to find to the elusive Kelly Slater. I phoned all the pro shops to see if he teed off from any of them.

All three pro shops had the same disappointing answer, "No."

I drove through and stepped in lots of mud.

I gazed at a few stars, including George Lopez, who was busy on the driving range, signing autographs, cracking jokes and giving interviews. I didn't know he was such multitasker.

I spotted Brandi Chastain, former Women's World Cup Soccer Champ, as I was about to give up my search for Kelly Slater. Chastain kept her shirt on, but who knows what will happen if she makes a hole in one at Pebble?

Then there was the porn star. Well, she looked famous and her name sounded like Mindy Moans or Larry Large, so we surmised she could have been a porn star. But she probably wasn't. Boredom drives people to make up wild and crazy stories for sheer entertainment purposes.

I saw several mansions and added "mansion" to my to do list. I forgot I live next door to Life Styles of the Rich and Famous. Jefferson theme song playing in my head.

Who lives here? A commune?

I spotted several golfers, all of whom looked like Kelly Slater from afar.

"Kelly is that you?"

I took lots of scenic pictures and was awestruck by Pebble Beach's natural raw beauty, despite man's attempt to harness, tame and own her.

I saw all of that and more, but I never saw Kelly Slater, not that I know of, anyways. Yes, as I said before I'm dedicated to the blog, but maybe not enough to go back to the AT&T for more schlepping. And next time with a child in tow.
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