Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tweet This

"Don't put that picture on your blog," says Vinny, referring to his helmetless head. "The police might see it."

When he realized his pleas were useless, he quickly put on his helmet, in case the police show up, I guess........

Wow, he can't ollie yet, but he's already a skater at heart.

Most skaters don't like skating with safety gear, only scrambling to put it on, when the police pull up to the skatepark.

Except for me. I'm the uncoolest person at the skatepark. Not only do I wear a helmut, knee and elbow pads, but I also wear wrist guards. I don't like pain. And it would difficult to give a massage with a broken wrist.


Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm with you! I'm all about protection--and I'm gonna keep wearing my silly looking hat to protect my skin from the sun, no matter how much people tease be about it!

Heather said...

You're one smart cookie and I agree wholeheartedly. :)

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