Saturday, December 17, 2011

Turkey Vultures

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The other day, I took Nadia Dog for a walk through the sand dunes, after a quick surf. We'd only been walking five minutes when suddenly I realize we are being watched. I look up and see seven giant Turkey Vultures surrounding us.

I'm used to Turkey Vultures flying overhead, in circles, over dead bodies, but being with them at ground level is unnerving.

The Turkey Vultures were way bigger than my thumb. In fact, I'm almost certain the Buzzards were bigger than me. And those massive birds were definitely bigger than the Nadia Dog.

"Come here my little pretties," caw the Vultures.

For a moment, I worry the Vultures might fly off with me and my little dog, too.

But they were probably more interested in the dead sea lion carcass causing a stench on the beach, than me and my little dog.

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