Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rinsing Dishes 2.0

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Internet, sometimes life calls for change. But the only person who can change our lives is ourselves. That's why I've made a new house rule: RINSE YOUR GOSH DARN DISHES, PLEASE.

"There's a new rule in the house, effective immediately," I inform my roommates Friday after school.

"Uh oh," says Hubby.

"Everyone has to rinse their own dishes," I say. "I'm tired of spending my life rinsing everyone's dishes. Some days it seems like all I do is wash dishes."

"Uh, huh," listens Hubby attentively.

"Why should I spend an hour a day washing everyone else's dishes, when they can do their own dishes in a few minutes?" I explain the reasoning for the new rule. "It's inefficient. Besides, who do you think I am, the Maid?"

"Okay," agrees Hubby quickly.

"But I can't reach the sink," whines Gio."

"No problem," I say walking out of the room to grab a stool for the kitchen. "You can use a stool."

"Hmfph," says Gio.

"After rinsing your dishes, please, put them in the dishwasher, without food on them," I instruct clearly.

"Yes, Mom," says Vinny obediently.

But fake obedience does not translate into compliance, becauseI had to remind Vinny 1,876,999 times on Saturday alone, to, "rinse your dishes and put them in the dishwasher, please."

Employment of the Broken Record Technique is my only hope in implementing and enforcing the RINSE YOUR GOSH DARN DISHES, PLEASE, Rule, and it's a love hate relationship. Someone needs to update the technique, please.

Maybe I should record the , RINSE YOUR GOSH DARN DISHES, PLEASE Rule, then I can just press play? Hmmmmmm, maybe there's an app for that?

Overall, I felt the RINSE YOUR GOSH DARN DISHES, PLEASE Rule was a success, allotting more time for laundry, vacuuming and dusting, cleaning toilets and sinks, bill paying and organizing. Yes, I live the life of a rock star's maid...

However, there were a few glitches.

"Wait, how come you didn't rinse your own dishes?" asks Hubby.

"There was a line at the sink, so I put my dirty dish on the counter until it was my turn to rinse," I say in defense.

And when the neighbor came over to play and eat.

"Make sure you rinse your dish, Gavin," bosses Gio, delighted with his new found power.

"But I dunno know how to rinse dishes?" answers 4-year-old Gavin. "My Mommy doesn't teach me that."

"Well, it's time to learn," says Hubby.

"Maybe guests shouldn't have to rinse their dishes?" I ponder.

Though he is here a lot. Obviously, the RINSE YOUR GOSH DARN DISHES, PLEASE, Rule already needs an update.

Then this morning, Gio says, "I need a break."

"A break from what?" I ask.

"From rinsing dishes," answers Gio.

"Thanks for letting me know, now rinse your dishes, please," I say.

Now I need a MAKE YOUR GOSH DARN BEDS Rule..........

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