Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shopping Isn't My Sport

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I did not participate in Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.

Shopping isn't my sport. My sport is surfing.

But I have kids, and I have gone shopping on Black Friday in the past. I almost went this year, because I knew the waves weren't going to be good.

Then my twitter bestie @kimjay_everyday tweeted, "Gladly pay whatever I must, to avoid Black Friday. No deal is good enough to get me out of PJs to fight with a boat-load of rude strangers."

Besides, as I gazed upon the back yard, my decision was cemented. We have two forts.

One made of wood, that took hard work - my husband's- and bucket loads of money. The second made of cardboard. Free cardboard, made mostly by the boys, with the help of their Rock Star Daddy.

Internet, guess which fort they prefer. That's right! They only play in the cardboard fort! It's as if the wooden fort has cooties, or something.

Dear Santa,
We don't need any toys this year. All we need are empty boxes. We're even willing to pick up the precious cargo if you're too busy to deliver from whatever store(s) you advise.


Surf Mama
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