Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skater Guy

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Yesterday, Gio went to a roller skating party.

"Can we go buy some roller skates?" pleads Gio after the party.

"We can go look at skates," I say.

Of course, looking at roller skates turned into buying roller skates. Gio came home and immediately put on his new roller skates.

He's been obsessively skating around the house ever since.

Unfortunately, skating around the house isn't enough to satisfy his skating addiction. So, today, he somehow managed a skating miracle coaxing all of us out of our PJ's and to the skating rink.

"The rank opens in 30 minutes, how come nobody's getting ready?" wonders Gio.

"It's a skating RINK," I say.

But I guess he didn't hear me because 28 minutes later he says, "The rank opens in two minutes!"

Poor kid gets his ESL (English as a 2nd language) from the Huz.

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nana/mama said...

He looks like he has eye make-up on. I just keep looking at the pix. Of course he is just gorgeous.

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