Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barf Bucket

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Poor Vinny struck down by a wicked stomach flu.

I'm beginning to notice life is like a roller coaster ride. Some days, I'm surfing fun waves and hanging out with the family on the beach afterwards without a care in the Pacific Ocean.

Other days, today as a matter of fact, I'm wondering what is wrong with the world, while rinsing vomit out of a bucket.

I love the beach days just as much as anyone else, but without the vomit filled days, the beach days would run together, seeming mundane and ordinary. Of course, that could be a complete load of carp. Especially considering the beach, on most days, smells A LOT better than a bucket of barf.

As the tide turns, it could be worse.....I could be the one vomiting, and washing my own bucket.

"My tummy doesn't feel very good," says Hubby.

Or we could all be puking.

Yes, come to think of it life is pretty good. And I haven't washed a bucket in, at least, two hours.

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