Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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I'm so glad I don't live in place where it gets really cold because I'm
f-f-f-frezing! I don't think the temperature made it past 50 degrees today, which on paper isn't terribly cold, right?

Surfing wasn't too bad, until I got out of the water. In fact, I kept paddling back out to catch "one more wave," just to avoid the cold while changing out of my wetsuit, into clothes. When the water is in the low 50s, yet feels warmer than the air, I know I'm in hypothermic trouble.

"Is it cold out there?" asks a tourist as I get to my car, dripping wet, hands burning from the cold air.

"Not as cold as it is up here," I answer, through chattering teeth.

"Well, I know it's got to be colder out there," she says to me in disbelief.

"Sure lady," I say to myself.

There wasn't any point in arguing with her, since it wasn't going to make me any warmer.
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