Monday, March 14, 2011

California Coast Surf Report

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Trestles, looking fun!

I got some photo surf reports from Hubby today. Guess what that means, Internet? Hubby is coming home on the train! My third single parenting stint is coming to a close, phew. I mean I can't wait to see Hubby!

"Trestles looks really fun in that picture you sent me," I say. "How come you said they were anklebiters?"

"No, Trestles wasn't good," says Hubby. "But you know what was going off? The Ranch, and so was Jalama."

Good thing I wasn't on board. Goddess knows I would have flung myself off the train to surf The Ranch.



Anonymous said...

I'd hop right off that train too!

Anonymous said...

that was me.... christina said...

Hehe then I hope you're with me when it happens.

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