Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sugarland On American Idol Tonight!

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When I first saw Sugarland was covering Madonna's "Like A Prayer," with Little Big Town, I wasn't sure I'd like it. But I'm happy to report, "I LIKE IT!"

Sugarland is performing on tonight's episode of American Idol Results Show.

"Honey, can you please Tivo and green (save until I erase) American Idol tonight?" I ask.

"Sure," says Hubbby. "Oh wait, I can't there's no room on the DVR."

"It's full, sorry," Hubby says, walking out of the room.

"What?!" I shriek. "Wait. I don't even watch TV. It's your job to make room, pleeeeeease."

I'm pretty sure he doesn't watch TV, either, but I had to say something to keep him from leaving.

"You don't watch TV, well, that explains why there's 32 episodes of Glee then," pokes Hubby.

And if Sugarland gets voted off the show tonight by Bieber-loving teeny-boppers, I am never, ever watching American Idol, again.......


nana/mama said...

The only person watching your Tivo programs is your Mother. When that ship full of money docks. she will have her own Tivo. said...

Yes, well you had 32 shows as well, dear.

EndofTired said...

wow. You know...your continued postings make me like them more, and more, and more. I may come around yet. said...

I know that was surprisingly good, huh?!

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