Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surfing After Heavy Rain

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The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is check the buoys. This morning buoy 42 was ringing it at 19 feet. Holy dolphin!

"The wharf might be big enough for me, but not too big for Vinny," I think to myself.

"Do you want to go surfing?" I ask Vinny around 6:30am.

"Yeah! " says Vinny.

I was beside myself with excitement. Going surfing with my son! It doesn't get better than that.

We ate, packed up our stuff, and headed to the beach.

The waves were smaller than I expected, around knee high. But I didn't mind because I was going surfing with my kid.

"We're out there!" I say.

"Why is the water brown?" asks Vinny.

"Because it rained last night," I say. "Keep your mouth closed, and you'll be fine."

"Eeeeeeeeeeew!" shrieks Vinny. "The water stinks!"

"The water does have a sewer smell to it," I think to myself.

"No way, am I surfing in that brown water," protests Vinny. "You can go out I'll hang out on the beach."

"If you're not surfing here, I'm not either," I say. "It's too small for me. Come on let's just paddle out."

"I can't," says Vinny apologetically.


"Okay, I'll take you home, and then I'll go surf somewhere with bigger waves," I say realizing there would be no changing his mind.

"I want to go surf bigger waves!" says Vinny.

"No way, you're going home," I say.

After dropping Vinny off at home, I went surfing, but it wasn't much of a session. I did get one really good wave, that made it all worth it. I also received a nice welt on my temple because the wind, which was really strong, kickflipped my board into my head.


Overall, I would have rather surfed micronic waves with Vinny. But he made a wise and healthy decision not to paddle out after a heavy rainstorm. After all sewer water isn't great for the sinuses. He definitely doesn't get that from me. My surf stoke usually wins over my sensible side......

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