Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sipping Syrup

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Can I complain about breakfast if my husband is making it? Do I even need to answer that question? In case I do the answer is yes, of course, I can still complain, I am his wife and that is my duty. Please, don't feel sorry for him I perform the other wifely duty well and happily. There are only two duties, right?

"Why does Gio have a bowl of syrup with his pancake?" I ask in a disturbed voice.

"What?" asks Mr. Aloof. "He's dipping his pancake into the syrup," he says explaining the mechanics of Gio's actions as if I am confused. "He's a dipper," he says gleefully.

"Okay," I concede since I am going surfing and I don't want to take time to right the wrong. Besides, when the sugar sets in, I will be long gone. Everyone knows real life consequences are the best teacher.

Suddenly, something amazing happens. Gio loses total interest in the pancake dipping process. He grabs his spoon (why did he have a spoon to eat pancakes?) and starts scooping syrup into his mouth. Being the bad parent, I watch out of the corner of my eye waiting for my Mr. Aloof to catch sight of this. I really wanted to take a picture, but that would have required Gio ingesting more sugar and I am not that bad.

"Gio, wait, what are you doing? You can't eat the syrup," says Stefan swooping the syrup away in horror quickly realizing the error of his ways.

I am now an even bigger fan of real life consequences than ever before. I didn't even have to spend my precious breath on any words such as, "I told you so."

Later the same day, were eating out when Gio says, "I need sauce for my French Fries." Too lazy to open the ketchup packets, I hand him one of my spicy cocktail sauces to dip into, thinking I will have to open the ketchup next.

"Hey he likes it," I say in surprise noting the burning sensation on my lips. Wow he really is a dipper!"

The lady behind Gio generously gave us some Indian
Nan bread. It was yummy. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

he's a syrup chugger,
nice! said...

Yeah he loves that stuff, who started that trend anyways? Coffee in the sippee cup? What?!

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