Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sugarland B52s Love Shack CMT Music Awards 2009

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I love that Sugarland performed "Love Shack," at the Country Music Television Music Awards. They're so alternative!

Yes, Sugarland pays homage to the band that sang "Love Shack," originally, by bringing the B52s on stage with them. Not only are there black people on the CMT Music Awards now, but there's the B52s, and a man in drag, from what I could see.

"There's hope for change, people."

As far as I know the B52s aren't even country, yet. Though any day now there may only be one music genre left, and it's going to be country. Because, that's where the money's at, y'all. It isn't as if all music will sound like country, they're just gonna call all music, "country," for financial purposes.

Don't believe, me just ask Taylor Swift. So what if she writes her own songs, tweets and updates her own Facebook status, she can't sing, live anyways. But those may be the very reasons she won Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year. Thanks MTV.

I'm not a Taylor Hater. She's great, and for the record she's a decent rapper. I'm still wondering why she didn't hostess the CMT Music Awards. Maybe next year.

Here are my tweets from the CMT Music Awards 2009

I'd rather see Taylor Swift hostess than that other guy whoever he is. CMT Music Awards about 18 hours ago from web

Why aren't they showing the guy in drag on the CMT Music Awards? Is he part of the chicken fried band or just entourage

You know the economy is bad when the CMT Music Awards has sponsored stages. I wonder if Viagra will be sponsoring any of tonight's stages?

Duo video of the year SUGARLAND!!!!!! CMT Music Awards. Surfer girls rule!!!!

I should have gone with Keith Urban and Sugarland instead of Sugarland with Kenny Chesney. CMT Music Awards

#haveyouever seen the B52s on the CMT Music Awards singing Love Shack? Funnest duo of the year is Sugarland. Off the charts sweetness.

Listening to Trace Adkins sing "you're gonna miss this." great song and so true. CMT Music Awards

T-Pain and Taylor Swift almost as awesome as Sugarland and the B52s. Very close. Ok it's a tie. CMT Music Awards

Stefan:He sounds Australian.Me:He is.He's married 2 Nicole Kidman.They're both Australian.C people magazine is educational. CMT Music Awards

Stefan on Keith Urban: Maybe he's from the country, Australia. Me: lmao

Stefan: What's his name Keith Ledger? Me: lmao again. CMT Music Awards.

Stefan:Did she write this song or did she steal it?Me:Isn't that a Bryan Adams song? American Idol loser. Stefan:Yo check it out pitch problems.

Oh no they makemovie and rock stars tweet. That's so mean. Poor Brad Paisley. CMT Music Awards.

Wondering what Toby Keith is wearing under his hat? does anyone know? It looks like a bandanna. Is he a gangsta? CMT Music Awards.

Holy Disney!! Taylor Swift just won video of the year. Toto I don't think we're in country anymore. CMT Music Awards

Host of CMT Music Awards: Music Executive making his last and final stand. He knows his days are numbered. Thank you for the synopsis.

Poor some sugaron me Taylor Swift?Take some lessons from Jennifer Nettles. CMT Music Awards

#haveyouever watched the CMT Music Awards and wondered where the heck is Carrie Underwood?


Daft Mystical Creature said...

I love that girl. She is a real good stander and dancer!

Daft Mystical Creature said...

FYI - Thank you Wendy for being Wendy!
You rawk!

Stefan said...

haha this is so funny! that guy Stefan is hilarious... he's not really up on his pop-culture trivia is he?? said...

Yeah he needs that machine the momconverter or something????lol!!!!! I love you! said...

Thanks DMC you rawk too. said...

Yeah I'm practicing dancing like her so I can sing in front of...........

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