Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is My Arm, Please and Thanks

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All I want for Christmas is my arm. Yeah it hasn't even been two weeks since I last surfed, but not only can I not surf, as in NADA SURF, I can hardly do anything else either.

Although it hasn't stopped us from having.............Nevermind. But I will say there is a Goddess. Amen, and praise the Lourdes.

While I have missed writing, reading, being able to dress and undress, wash and style my hair, and shave my pits. I have NOT missed doing the dishes.

I haven't even complained out loud about how a spot was missed in the toilet or how there's still food on the clean dishes. Because then it would appear as if I don't appreciate the help and do I ever. Thank you, honey!

But don't worry I'm still doing the laundry one handed. And working a bit.

I have to say I'm not sure when it all started, but it may have had something to do with me whining about not getting to surf for five days because Gio was out of school for Winter break. Yes, I'm fairly certain, I think, that was the point of whine, that has lead to so much more whining.

When am I going to explain what happened? In a few more paragraphs, hang on. Not that tight. Okay, that's better.

I have an addictive personality. Surfing is very addictive, kind of like crack, and no Mom, I never ever did crack, or acid, or mushr..........Wait, well I did dabble in fungus, but not enough to damage a large quantity of brain cells. Permanently, anyways.

Besides, I lost way more brain cells in one child birth than all the drugs combined. Probably because I was a young drug addict and an older Mommy. And I didn't take drugs with either labor. Yes, I know I don't get an award for that I was just saying, "NO!" for once.

Oh so back to what happened to my shoulder and why I can't use my arm to lift my arm, let alone anything else. Well, I'm not sure what happened physically. Maybe it was from pulling into too many tubes, and failing. Really, I think it was from complaining.

Complaining about missing five whole days of surf. Boo, hooo, wah!

It's not uncommon to hear a surfer say, "Oh man, I need to get in the water. I haven't surfed in two days." I myself have uttered those very words, shakily with drool running down my face.

Anyways, I have learned to appreciate my arm so much more now. My shoulder is getting better thanks to massage, energy work and acupuncture. But I will probably be out of the water for another week or three. And that's okay. Deep breath. Really.


Anonymous said...

another week or three????? arg, if it makes you feel any better it hasnt been THAT great. i want my surf buddy back. wah! said...

Ur making me cry, wah, wah.

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