Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Tale of Despereaux"

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We just finished watching the movie, "The Tale of Despereaux."

I had never heard of it before today, but it's based on a book by Kate Dicamillo, so I asked Vinny about it.

"Have you read, "The Tale of Despereaux?" I ask him.

"No, but it's a movie, too," Vinny answers.

"Yeah, I know. What do you think it's rated?" I ask.

"It must be rated PG because in the preview he is holding a needle for a sword. So it must be violent if he has a sword."

"Let's check," I say. We looked it up and to our excitement it was rated G.

"Hey, we can watch it!" I say. After all, G rated movies don't come out everyday. Or very often for that matter.

Anyways, we watched "Tale of Despereaux ," and it's a cute little movie for little people that adults can appreciate, too. Despereaux the mouse stars as the hero. A mouse who is banished for being too brave, for reading and for talking to people. We all know how dangerous talking to people can be, especially for a mouse.

A mouse who never gives up in the face of adversity and stays true to his word, and more importantly he stays true to his character. He is courageous, trustworthy and noble even when no one else around him is.

The narrator in the movie mentions in fairy tales the hero shows up when the world really needs a hero most. I couldn't help but think of President Elect Obama. Yes, right about now the world could use a hero. A hero to inspire all of us to greatness because that is what it's going to take.

But my favorite part of the movie was the part about forgiveness. How one act of forgiveness can change everything. Maybe even the world.

I asked Gio what he thought of the movie and he said, "He's so good saving the day from the bad guys."


Anonymous said...

Aww i wanna see this movie. it looks super cute!

Anonymous said...


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