Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christian the Lion

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I first saw this video several months ago, maybe the end of summer, after a friend emailed it to me.

Stefan and I were watching it together.

"Oh my gosh, is the lion going to eat them?" asks Stefan.

But I knew the person who emailed me this video wouldn't send me anything freaky and traumatic.

I love this story of the guys finding the lion cub at Harrod's of London in a tiny cage, raising him for a year or so, and returning him to the wild. But the icing of this story is the reunion a year later with the lion.

"Is that a true story?" asks Stefan. So I found an interview with the two men retelling their experience with Christian the Lion 35, or so, years later.

This video is like a country song: I cry every time I watch it.

And it's a great reminder during the holiday season, when we all tend to get a bit stressed over things that, in the end, don't really matter.

What matters is love. Sometimes, love means overlooking the perceived faults of those we love, and more often over looking our own faults. It's about being with people and accepting them right where they are, even if it's obvious they ought to be somewhere else.

I have noticed when I'm at peace with myself, the weird things other people do, don't bother me and I can find compassion in myself for that person because I am experiencing self compassion.

Don't wait til life is perfect to enjoy it, just enjoy where you are, right here, right now. Yes, tomorrow may be better, but be here now. Sometimes, it seems being on Planet Earth, is a lesson in opposites. We can't know up, if we don't know down. We appreciate what we have, sometimes, when we have less.


Anonymous said...

I want one!!! And Im not talking about the hair-doos!

Anonymous said...

I believe you already have a "Christian the Kitty."

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Amazing.

samaher said...

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